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A brand new city district to bring Gothenburg residents closer together

Gothenburg is in the process of unprecedented expansion. And Frihamnen is being developed in connection with this – a brand new segment of the city centre uniting Gothenburg across the river. This development of Frihamnen will double the size of the city centre.

Frihamnen will be a city district where everyone feels welcome, regardless of age, background or income. Businesses and services will also be characterised by diversity, and lively and vibrant environments and meeting places will be created. In brief: Frihamnen aims to be a mixed city for everyone.


800 homes at Frihamnen by 2021

A major new project involving the construction of 800 homes at Frihamnen is now officially under way following the granting of a fixed-term building permit.

Construction of 800 homes commenced at Frihamnen during the autumn following the granting of a fixed-term building permit. The project will take place in stages, with the first residents due to move into their new homes in February. Residents will continue to move in gradually, with the final units due for completion in 2021.

For further information about the project, go to visit waterfront cabins website (external link)


A test arena for innovative solutions

Frihamnen will be created together with local residents, and the process will be characterised by curiosity and openness. The development of Frihamnen will not be fully planned. Instead it will be a test arena for innovative urban development, which means that we intend to dare to test new untried methods in order to create a compact, sustainable and modern city district. This is easier said than done, and places heavy demands on those of us working on development of Frihamnen. We usually sum up our philosophy regarding the city district as open minds.



By creating scope for activities in Frihamnen, local residents and other visitors can already make Frihamnen “their own” through site-specific development. This means that we are developing the district based on existing resources. One clear example is Jubileumsparken, which is evolving in Frihamnen and includes a sauna, an outdoor swimming pool, a roller-derby rink and allotments as requested by local residents. For more information about opening times and booking, visit Jubileumsparken website (external link)


What do we intend to build?

The Frihamnen of the future will combine thousands of homes with restaurants, offices, hotels, hospital, cultural facilities, schools and services right beside the water. In the future, around 15,000 people will live here, and an equal number will work here. The objective is for at least half of the future homes to be ones with secure tenancy. We want Frihamnen to attract a mix of people, creating a varied and dynamic atmosphere.

Thanks to its central location it will be easy to get to and from Frihamnen by public transport or bicycle. The aim is to create a compact city district with minimal car traffic.


When will it be completed?

A city district is never truly completed, but evolves over time with its residents. However, the first residents are expected to move in by 2025. Development of Frihamnen will consist of a total of five stages, and the area is expected to be fully expanded by 2040.


Who is building the homes and commercial premises in Frihamnen?

The first stage in development of Frihamnen is being managed by Älvstranden Utveckling (external link) together with:

Additional partners will come on board during work on the local plan and once the plan has been approved.


Interested in living in Frihamnen?

The homes with secure tenancy will be made available via Boplats website (external link) and are being built by Magnolia, Framtiden, Rikshem and Botrygg. The cooperative housing will be built by Rikshem, Bonava, Framtiden, Botrygg and Hauschild + Siegel Architecture. Anyone interested in the cooperative housing will be able to register their interest with the relevant developer closer to the start of construction.

Frihamnen blir en helt ny del av Göteborgs centrum som binder samman staden över älven. En testarena för innovativ stadsbyggnad, med nytänkande, mod och en stor dos nyfikenhet i vår strävan att skapa en ny typ av stadsdel, präglad av open minds.

Frihamnen är en del av Nordens största stadsutvecklingsprojekt, Älvstaden. Genom att stärka stadskärnan, möta vattnet och förena staden skapar vi en inkluderande, grön och dynamisk innerstad som är öppen för världen. Läs mer på Göteborgs Stads webbplats för stadsutveckling (extern länk)

Göteborgs Stad Älvstrandens utveckling